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Hello again,
After doing a lot of reading on the sites that you suggested, I decided to switch to a raw diet.
It took months, but we are there.
I order frozen meat, bone, organ mix and then add supplements.
She has days with formed stool. She also has days of pure water poo.
I have tried probiotics, yogurt, pumpkin, green tripe. All of it makes the situation much worse. To the point where it just leaks out.
My poor sweet girl.
I just don't know what else to do. She is losing weight.
Is she just going to waste away until her organs stop functioning?
I can't watch this happen.
I was giving her 5mg prednisone every other day. I now give 2.5 mg every other day. Should I go back up? Does it even help?
Should I try hills z/d? The thought of that really stresses me out. I think that food is garbage but this poor cat needs some relief.
Thank you for listening.
Any thoughts?
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