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Exclamation Old Cat Losing Hair? And Psychotic Mama Cat

Okay, so I have had my cat Luna for nearly 10-11 years and she has, within the last 4 years, lost most of the fur on the backs of her legs and her stomach. Within that time, however, we moved to a new house, brought a dog in and were forced to have him put down (he had bitten my father), brought in another cat, and had four kittens born from the newer cat and two of them got to stay. Even through all this, Luna is extremely relaxed-acting and gets along fine with all three of the other cats. We also had her checked out by a vet (for worms, but they did a few other tests), and they didn't mention anything about her fur loss being a bad thing. Could this just be stress caused by all the changes happening in the last few years? Maybe over-obsessive grooming?


Now, onto mama cat Baby. When her kittens Tigger and Sky and their two brothers were born, she was a wonderful mother. Always by their side, always looking out for them; one of them couldn't even mewl without her being there to check on them.
Now that the kittens are older (roughly between 6 and 8 months), she has turned into a royal snot. The kittens used to be the ones instigating, but now they can't even approach Baby without her yowling at or hissing at them. The other day, all Sky (her black and grey tabby son) did was walk over to her, purring and such, when she hissed at him. I don't know what the problem is. We think that it's all just based on the fact that the kittens are still trying to nurse (mostly on our older cat because she lets them do whatever), but they haven't tried to do a thing to Baby in a long while. I'd really like to know what's wrong with her and if it's anything that can easily be fixed.

Thank you for your time!
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