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Originally Posted by Chris1958 View Post
Thanks Dee Dee for your words of encouragement. I'm still on the fence about adding a new dog and I've been doing a lot of thinking. If I replace Harley, I think I'll do it with a mature male... a dog that doesn't require as much fussing as a puppy would. Anyway you slice it, Sydney will probably be jealous for some time. She's a real princess, and very possessive of me. This is why it's such a difficult decision... I don't want to hurt Syd's feelings, but my love of animals is bigger than me...................
Would you think of being a foster parent to a mature dog and this way you could see how Sydney get along with him. I think it a great idea getting a mature dog as they're the first ones to be put down in shelters. My beloved Standard Poodle, Finlay been gone over two years I still miss him like hell.
And he was my hearing dog and people still ask me where he is as he went everywhere with me. I felt incomplete for a long time not having a big black poodle at my left side of me.
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