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I really have no idea Growler what type of bulb it was. Maybe a calla lily. Anyhow, she was very playful this morning with Nikki, so that was a good sign. When I left for work she had not vomited again yet, but it often takes a good hour or two before it comes back, so I may not know. They are outside on the deck while DH tries to wake up, and while I am eternally thankful that neither pup seems interested in eating poop , Lupa has tried to lick the vomit so, if it's just a small amount and they're out on the deck I may never know. But what she did bring up last night was very tiny, so that was good. I'm very positive today!

Lupa was so funny this morning. She got up in my lap and snuggle right in for a nap, but when Nikki came to check it out she was very growly at him for trying to horn in on her snuggle spot. She can be a real grump at times this sweet princess.
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