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Breeze, 10.3 kg is 22.6 lbs. She's a big puppy! Not sure what Nikki is up to now, as he was 10 kg when we got him. (Each kg is 2.2 lbs)

Lupa we believe pulled a bulb from the garden yesterday and was chewing on it. She was rubbing her face after I took it away and then an hour later she started to vomit. All night she was throwing up, by later in the evening it was just bile, but I was worried about her dehydrating so decided not to wait until today and took her to emerg. They put her on an IV drip and did xrays to check for an obstruction, and bloodwork etc. and kept her overnight (that was hard for me). They were concerned over parvo, but we really don't think it's that - they get their 2nd shots this week. This morning they fed her and she kept that down, so they sent her home with some meds for her tummy and some Medical gastro food. that it was just an upset tummy from the bulb. that the 6 week trial for Petsecure insurance covers most of the huge bill!

I may look into insurance for the first year after all.
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