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Originally Posted by Danson View Post
There's nothing I can do for my dog while she's alive. I do hope to do something for her now. Find out the truth able to make me feel better. And I do believe I could be a better owner next time to do so.
What a great fortune if we could just met a Vet like you on that day!? Jull~~
I'm deeply appreciate for your story. I shall forget it.
I just wanted to clarify, I am not vet - just another dog lover on this forum.

Please don't call your self a bad owner, maybe you just didn't have all the tools or a manual that tells you what to do in every situation (we all wish we had one) you loved Princess and gave her a good life, maybe there was just an underlying health problem that nobody ever knew about, there is many possibilities; but I wouldn't call you a bad owner.

A bad owner doesn't hurt when their baby has passed away, a bad owner doesn't try to find an answer to what could have caused it... a bad owner doesn't feed their dog, doesn't love them, a bad owner will intentionally and physically hurt the dog, to me that is a bad owner, and shouldn't even be a dog owner in the first place.

Hope you can find an answer that can bring peace to your heart.
Dogs don't need to talk, their life is their message ~ unknown.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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