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Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
hehe the Bobbies! Apart but together in my heart LOL so cheesy, super cheesy but true

Mama Bear! That's such a cute name. I know! Doggies also have come right to my door. Gremlin appeared sick right next door, trembling during days that there was no Sun but only rain so we made shelter for him, fed him warm milk (I remember), bread, hot dogs (we weren't prepared and he needed something in his belly). My mom gave him medicine for the fever and after 2 nights he was outside our house... And he never left and we never let him go for like 11 years. He was the smartest dog I've ever met, all he needed was to talk. He was naturally trained, he followed commands, EVERYTHING. He was a stray mutt yet he was so smart he didn't even need training at all.
I loved him so dearly until one son of a /"%( poisoned him when he was perfectly healthy. If I told you the horrible things that have happened to me due to people poisoning my cats and dogs. Devastating. One can never recover of that. We just keep going but it's irreparable.
Anyway we enjoyed many years of his company at least I have that. And well, that's a doggy that like Mama Bear came right to us.
That is horrible about your dog getting poisoned! Someone cut Mama Bear and we had bring her to the vet . She had finally gotten healthy and some SOB tried to kill her because she was protecting our house. She was tough little dog and pulled through . My friend and I rescued a St Bernard that lived
across the street from us. The poor dog was a bag of bones and kept tied up outside all day. The owners where trying to made a 'watch dog' out the poor thing. My friend and I could not stand watching the dog be treated that way
so we just when over and took back our apartment and cooked a huge pot of food of the and had to treat one of his paw that had bad cut on it. Once we got the dog feeling better we found St Bernard rescue shelter and they took the dog to find him a good home. The dog owners never came to our place to get their dog back. I do not know why some people bother to get pet !
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