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Bobby! Another newer rescue.

My parent's house that I'm visiting is a mega multicat house hold. Some live here permanently, some are carefully re-homed.
Bobby started hanging around outside, hugry, friendly and loving. I left food and water for him outside.
Long story short one morning he came inside and he decided he wanted to live here. He put a little flag with a black paw in it and declared this his home. Funny thing none of the cats reacts violently to him or the other way around.
Later on I found out a woman near here rescued him but since he liked to wander someone called her but she just gave an excuse about the cat not wanting to be there with her. Funny thing he wants to be here and he barely likes going outside, only while I'm outside in the garden... BS
But AT LEAST she had the decency of deworming him and vaccinating him
Bobby has a pair of very round eyes like 2 green sequins.
Here he is, the wonderful Bobby. Sweet, quiet and well behaved as in "I'm going to keep a low profile and they might keep me", at the same time so friendly.

" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
- Robert A. Heinlein
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