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It went well. The vet came to our place (Yay for house calls! ). My brother's girlfriend brought her friend who is a vet, not her regular vet but she knows her regular vet.
Well apparently she had a bad reaction to the Ketoconazole (The cow is on it but he's doing wonderfully well unlike Yoshimi)
That caused the vomiting and while at it something must have hurt her throat that now is swollen hence the lack of voice and she also has gastritis
The good thing is all this can be treated. She ate fish tonight and didn't vomit it
I suspended the ketoconazole I think in her particular case it's more detrimental than the benefits it brings.
In a few days she recommended blood work for her and the cow to check their blood values but she told me I should not be worried and that most likely the cow will be fine and he's doing fine with the oral anti fungal treatment, it's just to make sure, but since Yoshimi is 9 years old we should have her blood checked just as a routine, she was only 1 day on that medication and next morning she was feeling bad.
For now we must treat her gastritis and her throat.

And me... I can breathe way better tonight yay! Never had to use an inhaler before (like those for people with asthma) but my pipes were swollen, hopefully I won't need it tonight. But definetely I'm getting better *high five*

P.S. I need some good thoughts, intentions, vibes our way because we have been going through a rough patch lately. Misty hurt her leg and was limping, Thelma got colitis (TWICE), The Cow, Bu and Yoshi got the fungus, Yoshimi got a perianal fistula now Yoshi got this. Geez! We need some healthy, cleansing, purifying vibes over here, of love and healing ♥
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
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