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My whole garden at the moment is appalling. It's hard to supervise a puppy and find time to water when both things must be done around the same time, early mornings or when it starts to cool down in the evenings. Because it is nearly semi arid here I usually aim for a nice Spring garden, seeing that's when we get our most rain.
2010 was a great year weather-wise so this first photo is taken out in the orchard(that place all the fruit trees went to die during our 13 year drought).
The opposite part of the orchard has become my angel garden, where all my dogs are buried now. I'm thinking that, if my health stays okay, I'd like to do another rose bed there and make it a while garden. White and green looks great.
Last photo here is a bed just inside our back gate, with my little growhouses in the background, where I grow seedlings.
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