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Originally Posted by codalove View Post
My pup, coda, went to the vet for his rabies shot about a month ago. Back then he had a small rash that, honestly, looked like it came from his bed. We replaced his bed with a new one in hopes that the rash would stop. It stopped for a month. The vet didn't mention anything about his rash while we were there.
Recently, a couple days ago I gave him a bath with whiff shampoo and these rashes got SO much worse. I'm taking him to the vet on Monday but I'm still concerned. He's not tired, he doesn't itch them, but he's losing an unusual amount of hair. I am extremely concerned and am wondering if someone has come accross this and if there's anything I can do to make him feel a little more comfortable until I can take him to the vet, because I'm sure these hurt him.
Here aare what I'm seeing invade anyone has experience with it:
Big, red, open sores and hair loss.
They scab up fairly quick, then go away, but always manage to come back.
If the rash got worst after washing him with whiff shampoo you should stop using the shampoo right away. You dog could be very allergic to the
whiff shampoo. You should read the label and see what the is in it. I brought my dog a natural flea collar from a health food food , and within half a hour I was getting a headache. I checked the box and saw that one of the ingredients was pennyroyal oil and looked it up on line and found it can cause headaches and that it can be harmful to dogs. It is shocking that something made for pets would have harmful ingredients in but it does happen. I know of a puppy that became blind because the dog shampoo got into it eyes.
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