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The kitten is responding very well to the Ketoconazole (given orally) is Yoshimi who is an 8 year old adult the one who's having a hard time. She puked all day yesterday, was hidding and in pain. We just suspended it because it was just not good for her, causing more problems than the infection itself.
My cowsie is doing good, healthy, eating and playing while on Ketoconazole suspension (orally since creams did not work by themselves). He eats a lot of tuna and sardines, besides regular wet food (commercial brand).
I'm visiting in Mexico in a small city and trying to get high quality cat food like the one I use in Calgary it's just beyond chance (maybe in a big city...). However I'm feeding a lot of fish and he's growing and gaining weight.
I am going to go for something as close as possible to the thistle milk extract on the link you gave me. I saw it already in a store online. (I didn't get the capsules, don't want to chance an od). They also started today on a bit of coconut oil daily.
As I started to apply the colloidal silver I've seen for the first time real change. The injures look way cleaner, less irritated, he even stopped scratching same for Yoshi. I'm even starting to see tiny mini mini new hair growing and one of the affected spots is actually fading away. I do it 5 times a day but considering it's only a 15 ppm I need to do it more often.
I read the article and I'm 95% convinced that if I could get a hold of higher concentrated colloidal silver this thing would go away in not too long.
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