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Smile My Dog Boo

Hello all, This is my first time on the site, so please have patients with me.
I have a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. He is the kindest, most loyal dog I have ever had. Very misunderstood breed. This guy is my best friend. My question is this....I have 2 couches in my living room. Each has a blanket and pillow on it. One is for me, the other for my Boo. Whenever I get up and leave the room, my dog gets off his spot and lays down on my pillow and blanket. It happens everytime I leave the room. He looks at me with sad eyes when I re-enter, so I usually lay with him for a few minutes, and gently show him his spot. Why does he do this, His couch is 3 feet from mine, and he has his own clean pillow and comforter. Any idea? It does not bother me that much, I just would like to know what this behavior means. Thank you...
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