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I have tried to post a couple of times, and each time when I hit this site, my modem has gone out I fear it is slowly dying, as it has done that before (yay AT&T quality!!) Tried to post on my phone, but I"m getting too old to see

Anyway, so that's what a recessed vulva looks like!

I am not a fan of soy either, I try to avoid it at all costs, because it can also at the same time, depress thyroid function and many dogs have issues with soy. I guess all estrogens can though. I do like the flaxseed as a nat'l estrogen replacement for spayed females, and I give that to all my dogs.

Yes, those belly spots are what I saw in Max. I used the Pau D'Arco, and later I was using a tick herbal, Cumanda, which seemed to help with that, though he was so complicated, I'm not sure. And then, to fuzzy things more, it could just be pigment. But, seems not combined with everything else. Doxy, our wonder drug, is still a drug and an antibiotic

I've been using D-mannose here for my girl's urinary issues (cystitis or ongoing infection, not sure), but some sites seem to say that it's effective for fungal issues too: (have to search the page for mannose).

CK, my old girl, many years ago, I treated using classical homeopathy. It worked very well for her.
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