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Originally Posted by Tylala34 View Post
I'm not sure which rug you are talking about but there is no rugs in my house. I think you may be talking about the picture of her curled up next to the green cloth? If so that was when she was at my work it was a much older picture when her issues began, since then she rarely goes to my work and I had washed the clothing that she is in contact to.
As for the puppies I am not to sure, she is a rescue pup and she has had a rough start at life.
Bolt we think she is an Akita, Husky, Chow, Shepard mix. We have tried fish and potato diet but are unsure where to go from here.
Oh it looked like your dog and cat where lying on a rug in the photo. I know some of the new rugs can made people very sick that is why I asked about the rug. I hope you can find out what is making your have allergies. I do feel some dog food is a real problem as some the ingredients is coming from China . So we have to really read the list of ingredients and see if does say any it from China. I buy Marty food from stores that will not sell any pets food that has ingredients from China in it.
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