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Barkingdog: I'm not sure which rug you are talking about but there is no rugs in my house. I think you may be talking about the picture of her curled up next to the green cloth? If so that was when she was at my work it was a much older picture when her issues began, since then she rarely goes to my work and I had washed the clothing that she is in contact to.
As for the puppies I am not to sure, she is a rescue pup and she has had a rough start at life.
Bolt we think she is an Akita, Husky, Chow, Shepard mix. We have tried fish and potato diet but are unsure where to go from here.

Jull: Thanks I will be looking into them!

Love4himies: Yes my vet will NOT do a full blood panel telling me she is to young nothing will show up for results? I am getting frustrated at his approach to my puppy. He has been pushing these drugs and the only testing that was done was a skin scrape (That for some reason has no results in her record?) We intially started out on Hills Science Diet since that was what the shelter had been feeding her and she was having bad diarrhea from it. So we transitioned to Innova to see if anything would help her. The diarrhea went away and she loved the Innova diet, during the Innova diet she had begun to exhibit her extreme hair loss, bumps, sores, lesions, and lethargy. We took her in to see her vet who told us it was parasites, once again no testing done. And told us to put her on revolution. We did revolution and she dramatically gotten worse and worse each day. I decided to take her to the derm specialist who then told me it was food allergies (No test) we tried Iams K-9 skin and coat FP which she did not get better and she lost a lot of weight. I told the derm my concern and he told me we need to do the diet for two months. After the two month trial I told him she had no improvement and she lost a considerable amount of weight. He began to tell me she is not allergic to her food and that she is allergic to dust mites (Again no test) I told him my theory that she might be allergic to laundry detergent and I does make sense if she is, he told me that she is not allergic to my laundry detergent because it is not COMMON in dogs? And he told me we need to get her on steroid injections. I told him I do not want to take that route and so we began Atopica and a raw food diet with Fish, potato, chicken, rice, some fish oil to get her skin to not be so dry. As of today 3 days on Atopica the bumps are not as large, her skin is extremely dry with flakes falling off like crazy. She is also sensitive to the touch. But her atttitude is so much better she is willing to go on short walks and play with her toys now. So Im not sure if she is getting worse or what?

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