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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
I think if you have worked your dog in agility for 6 years and put the pre-novice Obedience title on another then you must be pretty darn good at understanding your dogs and encouraging them to do their best. Congrats on the Pre-Novice too.

Maybe Ms. Poodle just isn't interested. Not all are. Most of the dogs loved agility when we did it but not all.

Have you noticed there is anything she DOES really like? Maybe a different sport would be more rewarding to her. Chasing balls? Morph it into flyball? Or even some junior hunt tests? After all, poodles were originally used for hunting waterfowl and I do see some trialing. Then once you find what is super rewarding for her use it to work on her recall?

Have you checked her hearing and vision?
We have a hunting sport club in my city and one person was bringing their poodle to the club and they're trying to reintroduce the poodles back to hunting waterfowl. Some people do not realize poodle are hunting dogs , and I notice in the dogs shows the poodles are not in the working dog group.
Poodles sure do have a gentle bite,I took my hearing aid off one to take nap and when I woke up I could not find it on the coffee table. Finlay had picked up and carried it to his blanket to keep it safe for me. He did not leabe any teeth marks in my HA. They're such smart dogs and do get bored easy.
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