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I agree good article Rgeurts...

A few weeks ago actually, I took Bestia to a Homeopathic vet we have in the city (the only one in our province!), the reason, when Bestia was only about 6-7 months, he started having "reverse sneezing", which I also thought it could be an anxiety problem since it happened also when he was excited, or wanted attention.

Sometimes it seems to happen more often, and then he can go days without it happening, so as a worrying mom I am, I wanted to take him to the doctor, they did Xrays and everything seem fine, the regular vet gave us some allergy meds and anti-inflammatory; but it kept happening and I really didn't want to have him going on more meds and then I found the homeopathic Dr. so I made an appt and saw her a couple weeks ago. She checked Bestia and said everything was perfect with him, she gave me a remedy, that is new, that some pets have had great success with in not having the reverse sneezing, of course, there is others that just has no effect on them, but at least is a remedy that I know cannot hurt him even if it doesn't work.

Anyways, after my long story here, while going through Bestias history with her and such, she mentioned to me that she works with holistic doctors in other parts of the world and once they had a conference with some in the UK, where Rabies had not been present for a long time, and they started taking about reverse sneezing - They had no idea what that was! - so now they are studying to see if there may be a link between the rabies shots and this problem. She said that once Bestia's annual check up comes up, we could look into other holistic options instead of vaccines, which I am very open to, since last year when Bestia had his Rabies and parvo shoots he had a bit of a reaction to them.
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