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Took my 11 year old cat to a different vet,( one that never required shots in the past) for teeth cleaning. The girl said they would not do the work without rabies shots, and I should also get distemper, etc. I told her to forget cleaning the teeth, and she went to talk to the vet. He proceeded to tell me that rabies shots is a law with cats(I didn't know) and give me the bat in the house lecture. Said cats barely ever have reactions, hes only seen it twice. I told him no, and he had me sign a waiver saying I've been told what the consequences are if my cat bites someone. How can they possibly have a law requiring cats to have shots, it would be impossible to enforce? If your cat was outside, you could deny it was yours, and if they came to your house to check, the cats would be hiding under the beds.
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