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Unhappy Puppy Allergies

Alright, so I am a new puppy owner and we have been having a lot of issues with here. She is only six months old and for the past two months she has lost crazy amounts of fur and developed sores, lesions, open wounds and an awful odor (Which I know is a yeast infection) She is severely lethargic occasional diarrhea, and definately not puppy happy what so ever. Since the day we got her she has been seeing veterinarians day in and day out. I work at a specialty veterinarian office and they told me it was for sure food allergies. We had done the food trial and that did not help her. She has also been on antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids, pain relivers, and now she is currently on Atopica as my last option. We have done a skin scrape with a negative outcome (I am a little worrysome about this test since no result had ever been put on her records along with no test) and the dermatologist will not do any blood work nor allergy testing because he told me she is to young that there will be no outcome from it. So what I am pretty much asking is she to young for allergy testing at 6 months?
What else can I do to help my puppy?
Does any one have any suggestions to help us any I am at my last hope with the Atopica

I am considering issues for being spayed to early, hypothyroidism? Any suggestions?
I am looking into doing a full blood panel because her symptoms are worrying me

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