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Well, I wasn't going to mention this at first -- but see what replies I got.

For reason I won't detail, I had a disagreement with the breeder after I got the dog and haven't spoken to her since. It all started because she didn't bring the dog when she said she was going to. I wanted her at 4 months after all her Parvo shots because my son's puppy had Parvo at my house the year before. She didn't contact me and then phoned out of the blue when she was 5 months old. The second day I had the dog she had a rash on her belly and white goopy stuff coming out of her eyes. I took the dog down to the kennel club building to meet my friend, but she was petrified - stiff as a board - was afraid to walk. Then a couple of days later she had an ear infection. It cost me about $500 for vet bills the first week alone.

The breeder said the dog was fine when she had her - it was my fault because I changed her name and the rash was caused by the pine trees in my yard.

I have been told that she had too many litters are the time and the dogs were in ex pens. Whether five months mostly in an ex pen with other puppies affects a dog for life, I don't know. She still has a rash most of the time. I prefer to treat it externally, but in the past she has been on antibiotics and prednisone for very short periods. I don't like using meds if I can help it.

I have been through various food allergy tests and my vet says it's not a food allergy. Its probably an auto-immune problem, but it can't be fun being itchy a lot of the time.

She loves being outside. I have a big garden - covered in about four feet of snow -- but in the summer she will chase a ball for ever. Not sure about flyball. Those dogs make such a darn racket and I am not a big fan of "noise".

Eyes - I took her to an eye clinic - opthalmologist from Saskatoon vet clinic. Nothing wrong with her eyes. She can hear things like "want a cookie" or "want to go outside" but she has trouble hearing "It's time to come in" or "stop that barking"!!
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