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Thx hazelrunpack,

They could be pigmentation spots. I'll try to post a picture. I know that when she use to have itchy feet in the summer she would lick her feet and they would turn a red/brown color. This type of color seems to be around her privates from licking but the belly spots are light brown. I had read about soy milk helping another dog so thought I would give it a try in the form of the eden organic black soy beans and flax seed since these are high in phytoestrogen. Timber has never had a food in the past that contained soy so didn't think she would react to it but who knows. I'll just stop giving it for now. At the time the vet gave me the estrogen pills, her urine was checked and no infection was found but the vet never said anything about yeast. As far as I can tell she doesn't have any signs of a yeast infection otherwise, although I don't know how it manifests itself in dogs. Just remember hearing to watch for belly spots.
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