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Originally Posted by Silverwind View Post
Yogi is like that too1. But still, he will poop in the house half an hour after pooping outside! And he only does it in the family room. And he is sneaky, sneaks into the family room when no ones looking and go. I try to.keep him out, but with 4 and another dog and 2 guinea pigs I can't be on him all the time. And he jumps over the baby gate and laundry baskets I block the room off with. I'm at a loss. I chose fostering first so we could try without commiting but We are becoming attached already. We need to fix this issue
You my need to let your dog stay out a little longer to poop . I am not sure if all poodles do or dogs this but my first poodle and Marty will poop then take another one about 10-20 minutes later during our walk. I had gotten wise to this and now hold onto my dog's poopy bag to pick up his second and sometime third poop. Poodles are very fussy dogs and some do not like to take two poops in the same spot . Try letting your dog stay out longer and see if he will take two poops if will also give your a little more time to get use to his new home. It a good idea to take a new dog for a walk around your street so he will know his way around encase he get outside by mistake and he will also be able to mark his territory. Marty did this when he first moved in with me. He marked off the yard right away.
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