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Dark spots on belly - fungal problem?

So Timber does have some darker spots on her belly. I think, MaxaLisa, you said that could be fungal associated with the doxy and that you have used oil of oregano, pau d'arco?

Timber has been licking herself down there for quite some time and awhile ago our vet suggested spay incontinence and gave me some estrogen supplements but I never saw any sign of urine although sometimes it can be such a small amount that you don't detect it because your dog is licking all the time to try and clean herself. I never felt comfortable with the estrogen pills so decided to try adding estrogen rich foods like black soy beans, flax seed but I sometimes wondered if that was making her more itchy? Just tried to keep the area clean and it seemed to subside but now that I see brownish spots I wonder if it has been yeast all along.

Why does it come out all over the belly like that. Is this something that would be in her uterus? Anyways, maybe I should up the probiotics. I have a liquid one called Bio-k. Would it help to apply that on the belly and vulva area as well as to add to her food. Do you think that repeated dose of doxy can help to encourage resistant yeast infection.
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