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Pijama buddies!

Since the weather is a bit too much for the pups here in SK... I decided to buy them some pj's to wear under their winter coats when they go outside, and it was just in time, as today it is once again -42!! yikes!

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And I know I never gave any sort of an update with the whole situation of the pups not getting along and me being all confused... but, well, Guero is here to stay, both of them seem to have been working their issues slowly but surely, there is still times where Bestia wants nothing to do with Guero and stays away from him, but now they play together most of the time and kiss a lot. Me? well I feel much better towards Guero as well, maybe is not the same as with Bestia, but I know that they are both going to be part of my life for a long long time, and I couldn't imagine it otherwise.
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