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cat constipation

I have a similar story about my cat Simon. He died 2 months ago of kidney failure at 22 yrs. When he was about 14 he started getting constipated and had to take him to the vet for enemas. He already ate wet food. Eventually the vet recommended metamucil. That worked fine. For the occasional flare ups when i needed a quick fix, the vet recommended 1/8 tsp of Miralax. He said it was safe. It worked great and Simon's coat was beautiful and he lived another 8 years with the metamucil use.

Recently, when I was looking at kitties to adopt (I now have a new one), the site described a kitty that did not have control of his bowels. The cause was surgery to address constipation. The owners previously tried all kinds of "natural" (non scientific reviewed) homeopathic cures like massage, acupuncture etc... They did not try metamusil or Miralax which makes me sick to think the kitty could have been OK if they had and avoided all of those other home remedies and surgery.

In my search for a kitty I also came across another kitty that had constipation issues and they have it under control with 1/8 tsp of Miralax/day in the wet food.

Please, all you cat lovers, never consider surgery to correct constipation.

Originally Posted by quincymycat View Post
I DO use metamucil for my Quincy...Those who have heard the story before, Quince was paralysed in the lower limbs and as he got over that, a small amount of neuro deficit was left and was the cause of a great deal of contsipation where enemas, lactulose, probiotics and other remedies just did not work long term. He had to be manually evacuated 3 times and that many anesthetics just isn't good either! My vet was starting to consider radical colon surgery so I was motivated to make something work!
He is doing great now but I do have to maintain him on prepulsid twice a day, lactulose, twice a day and I give him a quarter tesapon of metamucil every morning in his breakfast meal. I DO HOWEVER, MIX AT LEAST 25CC OF WATER INTO HIS FOOD WHEN HE GETS IT. I have spoiled this guy rotten, and he eats the food from a spoon I feed it to him with. That way I know, he gets the full dosage, and no one else is getting the metamucil. I also wait about an hour before giving him his other meds in the morning as metamucil can coat the meds and prevent absorption when given at the same time. I also mix his lactulose with an additional 10cc of water each time, so increasing his fluid intake also helps the chronic constipation with him.
I had heard about mineral oil, but was always afraid of kitty moving or jerking and ending up aspirating the stuff. It scared me so I avoided it.
Good luck.
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