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Great new CK! Love the FB page - for some reason my phone didn't switch to the mobile ite:
Glad to hear how well she is doing, I hope it continues off the doxy - I could never keep max off doxy for long, though his issues were different.

I have used a holistic vet. With max and his infection, we did IV vitamin C treatments every other week. He also saw the acupunturists and has had lifetime chiropractic care. Like regular vets, there are good ones and not so good ones. If you find one that you work well with and they understand your dog, they are worth their weight in gold. I do have one that is over 100 miles from here that I consult with by phone, after my dog has seen them initially, that I primarily for homeopthay, though I wish he were closer, she is amazing.

SW, I'm glad that Timber is doing so well. I so hate this stuff that you guys are going through
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