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Originally Posted by Kootney girl View Post
Thanks Barkingdog.

I don't think it is an alpha issue. Seems like a general fear. At first it seemed like everybody and my next days off we will try some other new people.

I would love to see a behaviorist but there just isn't one available in under a three hour drive.

Since being tied to me didn't seem to work well we switched and tied him to wife were he felt safe. I am slowly encroaching in his comfort zone and things "seem" to be working.

I hope this works. I"/we need something as he is so good with everyone when I am not around.

THanks for all the advice
Poor puppy , I wonder why is he fearful of your. Do you think it would help to made a video of your dog reacting to you and send it to a a behaviorist, they would be able to study your body language and dog body language get an idea to what is going on between the two of you.
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