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Hi Kooteny Girl I still thing that going back to this method mentioned by Tenderfoot is your best option.

Then after hubby has a chance to relax and unwind, he needs to take the leash and bring the pup up on the couch or get on the floor with him and just relax. Do not let then pup leave the area (hence the leash). Hubby needs to NOT pressure the pup into interacting with him. Simply be together and try to relax. When the pup gets brave and shows interest he can gently rib the side of the pups face and then stop. Then a few minutes later do it again. Each time the pup realizes he means no harm and it actually feels good, he relaxes and starts to breathe. Hubby needs to become his safe, big friend and then we can look at creating a relationship built on love, trust and respect. But right now we have to focus on trust.

I think it will take time. I have seen this work with other scenarios similiar to yours and it does simply boil down to trust. I dont think it is anything you have done either its just simply the dog itself. I truly believe this will work for you.

Good Luck

Oh and always have treats on you so that as you interact with your pup you can reward him for things like coming close or asking for something of you... and then you reward...
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