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Most pups will outgrown this stage, but maybe not until they are a little more mature.

The answer is in the description - 'Excitement' Pee. The energy you need to reward in all things is calmness. Do not discipline the pup for the peeing - it is an involuntary response to energy. The more you expose this puppy to "calmness wins all things" the easier it will be for her to overcome it. Do not increase your energy when you greet the pup or when you leave. Get the pup used to being held (if she is little enough), touched, & stroked calmly.

You should practice coming and going and ignoring her through it all - can't even look at her. Come and go until she is bored with it, then add a new person and do it again. ONLY greet her if she is calm and make it brief. Then repeat to lock it in. Practice is so important to all things you want to teach her. The problem is when people randomly enter the house, she gets excited, the people are typically excited to see the pup, then we have excitement pee and failure. This is what the pup remembers.

It is very helpful to start teaching the puppy 'leave it', and to 'wait' at doorways, before each meal, with things you randomly drop in front of the pup. This helps the puppy learn impulse control so when she needs impulse control as people enter the house she will have.

It can also be helpful to teach the pup to 'stop' about 1-2 feet from the person and 'sit' to greet. This gives her a job to do and gives her mind something to work on other than excitement.
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