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Excitement Urination

Ok, so Guero has been a bit of challenge with the house training part, but its ok, I just remember my self to be patient with him... it has really only been a couple accidents in the last couple weeks, so I think slowly but surely he will get there.

However... when people come to the house, its a different story. I know most pups will twinkle a bit when they see visitors, Bestia for example used to do it, now he does ok, there is only one girl friend of mine that he pees with, and that is just because he is crazy about her, we call her his "girlfriend"; and he knows who that is when ever I say your girlfriend is coming so cute.

Anyways, Guero on the other hand, is a different story... he used to pee when I would come into the house, but that has now stopped, I just talk softly and don't make a big deal out of seeing him and take him outside right away and that has worked. So when people come over I tell them to not touch him or anything, just let him sniff and such, but it doesn't work the moment anyone makes any kind of contact with him he pees, not a little pee, a whole lot of pee... so we take him out, he finishes, comes back in, people touch him, and off he goes again with pee! obviously not as much, but still he pees. So then people just don't want to touch him again anymore.

Also, when people are coming over, we always take him out shortly before they get there so his bladder is empty, but he still finds some to let out.

Yesterday for example, we picked up my niece and nephew who are coming to spend the weekend with us, we were outside, so they could meet him and touch him. Then we went to the house, did our stuff, blah blah blah... my niece touches his head while I was holding him, he pees on me... took him outside, came back in, he did his own thing, I picked him up to go to the bedroom, my niece touches him again, he pees on me again...

Is there anything I can do to help him out with his excitement peeing process? I love taking my dogs everywhere with me when possible, but with this little issue, is hard to take Guero places right now...

Or is this one of those, suck it up and wait till it passes, kinda thing?

I have had dogs since I was a kid, but before Bestia I didn't have a puppy for about 8 years, and well even before then my previous girl was already grown so I cannot remember what it was like with the puppies we had when I was So any tips are good.
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