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Hi everyone,

We are doing okay here as well. Just finished another 14 days on the doxy. I agree with MaxaLisa - this stuff is amazing. Always seems to help when Timber's symptoms begin to flare up with the stuffy nose. I took a break from the supplements during the 14 day doxy but am back on my regular regime.

I checked out your facebook page Connor & Katie. That is so inspiring! As much as I worry about this cancer, I think exercise is so helpful both physically and mentally.

I have been to a holistic vet here once after Timber was recovering from the tick disease. I took her for acupuncture and physical therapy. She had lost a lot of muscle mass and had a bad limp so thought it would help. I think it did but Timber found it very stressful. Our other dog loves attention, even from the vet, but Timber gets stressed out so easily. She would just shake the entire time so I eventually stopped taking her and we worked on some of the exercises at home. I never did try any of the other things they offered like the Chinese medicine at that time but would consider that now if I felt she was getting worse or had any bleeding issues.
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