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hahah!! I feel for you, I really do!! I have a Noella, very similar to your Newton!! Well except she's 3!! She has little hidden devil horns! She gets into everything, climbs on everything, pulls stuff out of bookcases, likes playing with the pictures on the walls, she's a thief and will try to steal the nurse's tools when she comes to look after my Mom's feet. She has to help me put groceries away, if she's in the bathroom when you're doing your business she'll climb the curtains cause she knows you can't reach her! She's either very frustrating or very cute, right now she's helping my Mom! If I'm cooking she has to watch or doing the dishes is just fascinating for her! I'm hoping she'll grow out of it, she also has 3 big brothers and a dog! My other cat Bobee, whom I also got as a kitten, was the total opposite, he never got into trouble!!
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