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Crazy kitten moments... need to vent

My adorable 6 month old kitten Newton has really been testing my patience lately. I don't think there's too much I can do about it, aside from hoping his moments of extreme behaviour become less frequent in time, but I just need to rant a little.

Over the past two days, he has managed to knock over a floor-standing photo frame (damaging two of the glass panels), tip over a plant stand (the glass top broke into two pieces, so that will need to be replaced as well), as well as go on a digging safari in the litter box, dumping a rather large mound of cat litter onto the floor.

And for some reason, he has taken a great interest in all the wall-mounted picture frames, as well as my fridge magnets - things which he never paid attention to in the past. Even the large canvas print I have hanging above the sofa isn't safe, as I see him pawing at it at times. I'm afraid I'll come home one evening and find it ripped into tiny little pieces.

It's really starting to drive me nuts. I thought my home was reasonably cat-proof, but I guess not so much if a kitten is hell bent on destruction.

He's neutered, and has an excellent, well-behaved companion and role model, his mommy cat Newt, to look to.

I just hope he calms down at some point.
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