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Originally Posted by Kootney girl View Post

I do feel his temperament is better towards me after, yet is quickly dissolved with time.

Last night, trying anything, I pulled the leash in forcing him to close the distance. When he quit pulling away I released tension on the leash. Soon after I was able to carry him without a fight, but tonight he reverted back when I got home from work.

I feel forcing the issue is helping but I do not want to scar a pup so bad that it will never trust me again as my family loves him.

All being said we do have to get him to stop barking when I enter a room. It is beyond annoying at times.

Thanks for everyone's help and the link was informative Barkingdog, thanks.

The hubby.
Does your dog bark at all men or is only you? What kind of work do you do,
I am wondering if you have any smells on your clothes your dogs does not like. Maybe is would help to bring your dog to a dog behaviorist. I am glad the link was helpful to you. this web site tell how to be the alpha male in the house. It sound like your dog think he the alpha male .

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