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Talking My nieces & nephew

Ok... so these are not per say "my babies" but they are my sibling's, so my nieces and nephew, and I love'em just as much.

Though, Kali and Kiara, who were my brother's have now been re-homed unfortunately because of work my brother and GF had to move to a different city where both girls didn't adapt well, weather was too hot for them and too many bugs, and ticks, which was making them constantly sick, so they went back to the city they grew up in, with new home. I have been very heartbroken since I found out, and I know my brother is very sad too. My family has tendency to miss telling me things, so I found out weeks after the fact

Kali is the lab - and Kiara is the mastiff

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Then there is minnie and mickey which are my sister's kids. Minnie loves to watch TV, and she has attempted to go inside the tv once already

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