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Longblades, they usually stop all this the minute teething finishes, at about, oh, 6 months. LOL. I long for the day with Roo, I'm sure his mother was crossed with a snapping turtle. I do appreciate hearing your advice to minmin12 because I hurried through to see if there was anything I wasn't trying yet on Roo. His latest trick is jumping and latching onto clothing, either on the line or on me. He was - is - right into coat tugging and wanting to mount Jarrah and his breeder said it's not testosterone too, to which I replied "Well, heaven help us when it is!" LOL. When he barks at and wants to get after my sheep I will admit to a stray thought about putting him in with them to be taught a lesson, but when all is said and done, they are only babies and even if they push all the buttons they can find, and seem to have no off switch themselves, they are easily hurt. He pushed it too far with Dundee this morning and Dundee attacked, hurting Roo's eye. Poor baby!
minmin12, another thing you could distract your boy with is an apple, or a carrot stick. I find Roo has a very short attention span so I have to think up new things all the time for him. While he is munching on an apple, he isn't chewing on Jarrah. If you give something like that when a visitor arrives it may help.
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