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New French Bulldog Owner

Hello everyone,

I just recently bought a French Bulldog who is 4 months old. Tonight is my second night of having him and he seems to be doing a lot better than he did the previous night. I had a Lasa Apso and poodle mix who passed away last April... Took me a little bit of time to get myself another one, but I figured I was ready.

He's been taken to the vet right after I purchased him from the breeder. Will be going back to have a couple more shots done in a weeks time. I do have a question though, my poor little guy has a loose/ soft stool. Not the normal "clump" that you expect from a dog. I did change his food to something a lot healthier. My vet tells me not to worry right now as he is playful, eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping with nice naps in between. Any thoughts?
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