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Your Dog's potty routine!

Not having any issues but just wondering if it's just Bayley's routine or other dogs do this?

Doesn't seem to matter what time in the morning I let her out, she never goes right away to the bathroom. She goes and plants her butt on the deck, surveying her domain. I let her out before giving the cats' their goodies and breakfast and make coffee. Doesn't matter what time I let her out the night before either. She has amazing holding abilities..jeez with me it's like clear the road!! Hard with 4 cats milling around yelling for their tempations!! Half the time I have to go out and tell her to go pee and poops!! And if the neighbour's dog happens to be out at the same time, they have to yell at each other through the fence..then they both go! The only time in the last year she had an accident was she had a nasty bit of the runs and she wasn't fast enough to wake me up.
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