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Originally Posted by omy319 View Post
My Marvin is about a year and a half old. He seems to be always hungry and has loose stools. About a week and a half ago his stools were solid. He does poop about 3 times a day because he eats so much. I feed him Purina Indoor Cat Formula (dry) and Innova canned food. If he hears a door open or the sound of dry food he comes running

He was previously living with another family but they didn't want him anymore because he always wanted to go out and the lady of the house was not happy because he wouldn't warm up to her. Marvin is not that kind of kitty......He is sweet but very independent, not the kind to snuggle or sit on your lap. What can I do to get him back to normal? He has a beautiful coat and no parasites or fleas.
Have had your cat checked for worms , they make a pet have lose stools and be hungry all the time.
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