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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Barkingdog, I never noticed Halo's tongue in the pic! It looks like she's sticking her finger down her throat and gagging about the puppies (she probably is...) We thought we should get a pic of hubby holding the two because he won't be able to very soon.

Our dogs are not allowed on the furniture, poor abused animals that they are, but Lupa does like to sit on people's laps. Now when she goes into the living room she puts her feet up on hubbies chair and you can see her thinking - how do I get up here??? I know one day we're going to find her curled up on the chair when she can jump that high. Hubby is going to have to stop picking them up if he wants to avoid that.

Let me tell you, training him is just as hard as training the dogs!
Yeah it does looks like Halo sticking her finger down her throat and gagging about the puppies . When I went to visit my daughter's house I would want to pet my granddog but Finlay would get in front of me so Alley could not get near me. Dogs do get jealous like kids.
Marty is a mini poodle mix and very small so I did not think I had to worry about him getting to food on the kitchen table. Boy was I wrong!
I brought home two slices of pizza and left it on the table and when I walked back into the kitchen Marty had my slice of veggie pizza on the floor and he left me the slice of cheese pizza! Give your puppies time they'll find a way to
get on the furniture. Marty jumped onto a chair and climbed onto the table to steal my food.
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