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Originally Posted by omy319 View Post
Stopping in to say Hi !. I have 2 kitties, one is a short haired persian named Sterling and one is a black and white domestic named Marvin. My dog is a Boxador named Bowser and 2 parakeets named Nico and Taco.

I've had animals all my life, esp. cats. A few months ago I lost my Mush, he was a white Persian. In June 2010 I lost my sweet Punky of 14 years; a beautiful tabby. I miss her so much; she was my little girl.

So Marvin is always hungry and I need to know what to feed him to stop the loose stools. Bye for now.
You should have your cat stools checked for intestinal parasites , so your other pets will not get them if this is the problem . sorry to hear about the losts of your beloved pets.
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