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5 month kitten losing hair on hind leg. Red skin.

Hi guys,

I'm a new pet owner, and I adopted a kitten in November. He was born on August 29th, 2012 so hes about 5 months old. I have a few questions regarding some things I've noticed. Number one, he meows alot before using the littler. They don't sound like particularly painful meows but he meows every time nonetheless. He does not meow while using the litter though, just before and sometimes a little after. We use Purina Yesterday's News Scented litter (the grey long pellets). Also, we feed him Blue Bufalo Healthy Growth Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe (dry kibble). Second and more importantly, I've noticed that he has a bit of a bald patch on the back of his left hind leg. The skin is red and I'm quite worried. I can't say if it's new or not since I haven't really noticed until today but I don't believe it was there when I adopted him. He is an indoor cat and hes doesn't go outside at all. No other pets in the house either. I have attached some photos to this post. I am planning to take him to the vet but don't have a car at the moment so thought I;d post here and see if I get some insight as to what I'm dealing with. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry about the direct view of my cats dirty bits but hey, it was the only way to show where the bald patch was!!
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