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I will get more pics up soon. Have taken a few, but boy they are busy kids. Both have such distinct personalities. Lupa is taking to housetraining like a star. If you say let's go outside and go pee she runs to the door. Nikki takes that as a cue to squat and pee asap! The biggest issue is with going outside with both of them, it turns into play time rather than potty time. If I wake up in the middle of the night (which I always do) I take them out, and after 10 minutes I normally pick one up to stop the games and let the last one get busy (it's always Nikki who is the holdout). He'll spend 25 minutes outside then go in and poop on the floor . He'll get there though.

They both have VERY healthy appetites, gave them some apple yesterday for a treat, they loved it. Tonight we'll give them carrots. The vet checked out their hips and elbows and all was good. We're on a roll.
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