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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
You think Roo will live that long, DD? Be nice if he did.
I am going to quit my old Dr and be Rowena's patient if she'll have me. I have an ectopic(misplaced) kidney. Now, seeing I know exactly where it is and have suffered twinges all my life, what would you think of a Dr that wanted to argue about it when I told him my kidney is playing up? Or one who knows you are suffering moderate kidney disease and doesn't tell you? Or fobs you off when you ask to see blood results? Not good enough, is it? Now I'm verging on serious CKD I certainly will be demanding that I be kept informed!

CsqU4r3d, little Roo is such a little toughie. He won't take no for an answer. Well, he has to from me but bounces back undaunted from anything Jarrah has dished out so far. He has met our Persian cat now and that went off well, he was just interested, he didn't scare Pheobe. Next trauma(for me) will be a bath. He loves water so it won't frighten him, the hair dryer might though. Then off to the vet for a needle, and maybe to meet some shoppers. He is definitely going to be a guard dog, growling at visitors, so it's important he meets more people.
I would call that malpractice for withholding medical info from you that kept you from getting the help you needed right away. I hope you can find a better doctor. You could bring Roo with you the next time you see that doctor and he will take care of the Dr.
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