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At my wits end....

Hi :-)
I have got a lovely, fun loving little Chihuahua called Rebel. I have had her for 4 months, she was a rescue dog and is 7 months old... but i can't get her house trained. Help!
During the day while i am at work, Rebel and my 3 year old schnauser Bella are in the dog yard, an area of about 10 square meters of grass and 30 square meters of under house run. At night Rebel sleeps in her crate, she is let out to pee before bed and in the small hours of the morning. While i am home both dogs get played with, walked and loved... the back door is always open and the dogs can go BUT rebel still pees in the house.... i dont know what to do :-(
She isn't bothered if she is in the bigger crate (with a littler tray) or the cat basket, a small one just big enough for her, or just in the house she will pee on her bedding, the sofa, on rugs anything really. I tell her "no!" And put her outside in her pee spot, but she still pees inside. I have a DAP defuser in the livingroom where her crate is, i feed her in the crate so she knows its her home. She doesn't really squat, or sniff, i just find wet patches.

I got her to stop popping in the house when i first got her, and she can go for weeks without accidents, but then starts again, with no real pattern. I need help, all the training manuals assume a) you are home 24/7 and b) dogs wont pee in their bed.

Does anyone know a technique i could try to train Rebel, so we are both much happier.
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