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Sorry it took so long to get back here. Yikes - double trouble (and poop). The pups travelled well, they arrived with a clean kennel and pooped two blocks away from the airport. Fortunately we were able to pull over and get the dirty towel out before any damage was done to the pups.

They are incredible and everything we hoped for. Lupa is a very bossy little girl, and Nikki is a big cry baby. Both have the runs right now, so we're working on that. Had them straight into the vets and that was all possitive. He checked them over including hips and elbows and it all looks good

Halo is unsure what to think. She growls if they get too close, but she follows them with her tail wagging. If they fight she gets right in the middle to break it up though. Today she was very interested in them, so it was a good sign, she was more involved.

Anyhow, must make this quick. They are both napping right now, I'm posting a pic of them sleeping in the kitchen! Sorry they're pretty big! Nikki saw himself in the mirror twice now, he thinks he's pretty special!
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