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Originally Posted by wattsy13 View Post
Yes, unfortunately all of the shelters are full and I haven't been able to locate a rescue group that might take her within the area. They're located in rural PA and there aren't many resources available. I didn't think about contacting a vet, that is a good idea, thank you! Like I mentioned before, I had the mobile vet look at her and he told me what he thought but was very unconcerned. As I have learned through this situation, in that area cats, especially barn cats are seen as disposable and are not give the best of care. When I visit, I always bring food for her and clean the foot off but it's a bit hopeless because dairy barns are not the cleanest places. Thanks for the suggestions and I will look into the vet clinics.
Do you have a Humane Society in your city , or maybe there are some animals lovers at a church or temple they would be willing to help the poor cat. The paw look really bad and like others said the cat needs to be taken to a vet before an infection set in the whole leg.
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