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Something wrong with cat's paw ~ *Warning graphic pic* ~

Hello everyone! I have a question about a cat's paw and was hoping someone might have an idea of what it might be. I have friends who's parents own a dairy farm that also houses a number of feral/stray cats. They feed the cats here and there and during the winter they hang around the barn because it's warm. One cat in particular is very friendly and we noticed that she has something wrong with the pad on her foot. I first met her last summer and thought it was a burn but after having the cow vet look at her, he suspected it was some type of tumor or infection. Because the cats are just strays, the people who own the barn will not take the cat to the vet and I unfortunately do not currently have the money to take her either. I am a pre-vet student and the vet that I worked with over the summer said that it could be pillow paw or Plasmacytic pododermatitis with has been linked with FIV. Below are some pictures of her paw. It doesn't seem to bother her too much but it is constantly bleeding and oozing. We kept it wrapped and dry for about a week over the summer and it didn't seem to make a difference. She was just annoyed with her vet-wrapped foot. Does anyone have an other ideas as to what it might be and if so, any suggestions on how we might be able to address it? We'd like to find a home for her but have been having a hard time finding because of the constant oozing/bleeding of her foot.
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