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Originally Posted by mittens1997 View Post
Her mom was anatlolian shepherd/ maremma X.
Her dad is a mystery.
Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
Maybe part border collie I thinking the nose would be pointier if is was a collie like Lassie . It is a beauitful dog. I loves the dog fur.
The OP knows the breeds of the mother of her dog, the mother's breed combination would account for the more blunt/shorter nose, she's just looking for what the dad could possibly be

Dakota looks very much like an Anatolian Shepherd that's where the northern breed looks come in, the other breed of the mom the Maremma Sheepdog is not as evident.

Dad likely provided the wide white collar, the longer fur, feathering of the fur on the legs & tail as well as come of the colouring
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